How to Edit Payment of Supplier in MYOB?

In MYOB software, you can easily keep track of the transactions done of paying or receiving, so that you can easily do calculations at the end of the financial year. In this, you can easily edit, remove or modify the transactions as per your need. So, here we are discussing how to edit the payment made to the supplier in the MYOB accounting software. Our team of Myob Technical Support gave the solution to this problem to get you out from the trouble easily. Our team is skilled, proficient, trained, qualified and expert. Here, are the guidelines that you must follow for best results.

The steps are as follows:-

  • Firstly, go to the transaction history from the banking menu. A transaction history page will appear
  • Now you are able to see a View list. Select a bank account using which you paid the supplier payment
  • After this look for the supplier payment from the list that you want to change and for that particular payment click on the reference number column
  • After that, a view supplier payment page will be displayed to you so that you can see the bills of that supplier
  • You can also see the paid amount by adjusting the range of the dates or also from the received heading to get the transactions amount paid
  • For editing supplier payment, click on the Edit Supplier payment at the top of the window and then it displays how the payments were applied
  • There are also the chances of transactions to be matched and you can’t modify it if you don’t see the link of Edit Supplier Payment
  • Necessary changes would be made in the bill; except the name of the supplier
  • If you want to change the supplier’s name than you need to delete it and create a new transaction data
  • After doing all the changes click on the Save button to save the changes.

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